An Open and Affirming Community of Faith.

We welcome people of all faith backgrounds or no faith background;


We publicly welcome and embrace all lesbian, gay,

bisexual, transgender, and non-binary people.


Whoever and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.



Love In Action UCC Updates

We are planning outdoor gatherings at local parks and our Food Distribution Outreach continues. We also periodically will host online support groups [and in person when possible]. Click HERE.


350 S. York Rd. Hatboro, PA 19040



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A message from our pastor

"Welcome! We really mean that! Regardless of your faith background, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, gender expression or identification; no matter which language you speak, how much or how little you've been part of a church—YOU are welcome to join us in worship, learning, community, and service."

- Rev. Josh Blakesley

Upcoming Events


The Experience

What to Expect

Dress - We wear jeans and sneakers; ties and dresses; shorts and t-shirts; Come as you are!

Music - Modern hymns and songs, both secular and religious, guitar, piano and percussion.

Children - Welcome to stay for all of the worship experience. There is a message specifically for children as well as a space in which they can play. Child care is provided for children under 1st grade age for those who wish to utilize it.  

Community Prayer, Reflection
Selected Sundays in person at local parks

Online support groups

 11:30 am

Music: a mix of spiritual songs drawing from a variety of sources: guitar, piano, percussion


Prayer - We share our celebrations and concerns openly in a non-threatening, informal atmosphere.


Readings - We read from the Bible {Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures & the New Testament}, other sacred texts, poetry, and other creative writings.


Reflection - Storytelling, interactive, multimedia, relaxed, relevant to today, non-judgemental, doubts and questions welcomed.

Who We Are



We seek to extravagantly welcome all people to participate in our outreach and mission, education, worship, and fellowship. That means a clear, public welcome to those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender. That means embracing people of other faiths or no faith. That also means reaching out to those of limited financial resources; it means welcoming children and welcoming those with special challenges; it means welcoming those who speak other languages and those who have a different cultural background. Being inclusive means that we don’t just say we want to be diverse, but that we strive towards diversity and welcome difference in thought, appearance, culture, language, and religious practice. 



We seek to identify the needs of our community, and not just what we want/need to do. It means identifying the problems and challenges around us and what people are struggling with. It means assessing what good we can do as people and as a congregation, and also what our limits are. We partner with others who share our passion for social action and want to make the world a better place for all. 



We won’t shove a certain ideology or theology down your throat. It means that we don’t believe that we “know “everything about the Bible, faith, or Christianity. Remaining open means that we are still learning, still seeking, still understanding. And yes, this creates challenges. We worship, learn, and serve next to others who don’t think like we do. We interpret the Bible differently. Some of us come from Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Evangelical, Episcopalian, Atheist, Agnostic, Jewish, or Hindu backgrounds. But that’s the point. We believe that we all benefit from the interaction with others who think differently about faith and spiritual practice. This enhances everyone’s experience!

Our Ministries

LGBTQ+ Ministry

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) offers services for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies. Programs include activity nights, peer support groups, a queer library, diversity & inclusion trainings, and the Bucks-Mont PRIDE festival!

Children & Youth Ministry

Fun and educational activities and service projects occur for children throughout the year, including the Interfaith Peace Walk, summer educational and fun events, etc. Programs for teenagers include faith formation [on Sundays or also the Faith Journeyers program], service projects, interfaith events and activities, National and Regional UCC Youth Events, and more.

Service & Outreach

Opportunities to serve are open to all! We participate in the following projects: Manna on Main, Urban Tree Connection, SHARE Food Program, Living Water Food Pantry, UCC regional and national projects, and others. We also host Love Your Neighbor, a program that provides emergency assistance to those in need [rent, food, etc.] 

Contact Us

Phone: 215-675-8808
Address: 350 S. York Rd Hatboro, PA 19040


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